A surprise in every jar

smelly car jar

An air freshener for people who want a scented candle in the car or RV...

but don't want to start a fire

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We know that choosing a scent off the computer is TOUGH so we created our Favorites Sample Pack. Get samples of our top selling scents delivered to your door so you can smell them all. Then...when you're ready to choose one...you'll have a $10 credit to use on the purchase of your first Smelly Jar.


Starter Sample Pack

Starter Sample Pack

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1. Order a starter sample pack

2. Choose your favorite scent

3. Order your FREE Smelly Jar with your credits


Until Smell-O-Vision becomes a thing and we can start smelling through the computer screen, it's pretty tough to shop scented products online.

We came up with the idea of offer scent samples so you can get a small sample to see what scents you love and don't love. They are about the size of a quarter and will give you a good whiff. 

Get at least 10 samples of our customer favorites so you can find your new favorite Smelly Jar.

PLUS: Get a credit towards a free Smelly Jar when you decide what scent you'd like to try.